The Brew Lounge Meetup and some breaking news...

Just got back from a great get together over at T.J.'s with some other TBL fans! This was the inaugural TBL meet up. Thanks Bryan!

Many a beers were tasted and many a beer related conversations were had. One particular convo was related to the Bryan and Lew show during Philly Beer Week. The event called, Yeah We Got That, should help underscore our area's claim to fame. Philadelphia and its surrounding area is "The Fertile Crescent" of beer. We have lagers, belgians, american ipas, dry stouts, oatmeal stouts, barleywines, berliner weiss, english ales, brown ales, spruce ales, ESAs, winter warmers, wheat beer, lambics, sour beer, scottish ales...ok this is becoming a brain drain...you get the idea.

Go see Bryan and Lew at TJ's Everyday on Wednesday March 12th during Philly Beer Week. They'll be talking about the breadth and depth of beer styles in this part of the country.


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