1620 Deux English Style Ale Dry Hopped and "Cask Conditioned"

How is it? Well, so far so good. The Cascade I dry hopped with is very prominent in the nose and somewhat on the tongue. Not bitter or tangy though...more grassy and herbal. It probably would have been better to add a little less whole leaf Cascade. I do like it though.

The carbonation is light as it should be and its probably a bit too cold right now. Makes it hard to really appreciate the nuances of the English yeast and light hops. I think I'll have to try this again with some Goldings instead of Cascade as the aroma hops. That substitution took something away from the recipe. I guess it really stands out now that I dry hopped with Cascade as well. A side by side comparison is in order since I still have some of the 1620 Deux that wasn't dry hopped or cask conditioned.

All in all a good beer. This is my first time priming in the keg and my first time dry hopping in a muslin bag lodged between the dip tube and the side of the keg. Works out pretty well I'd say.

Gotta get that Yule Porter kegged soon. It will be my first homebrew activity for the year. Well except for drinking some homebrew on New Years Eve. By the way I had the 1620 Deux, 1620 Cask and the Belgian Style Dubbel on tap that night. I also cracked open a bottle of the 2005 Dead Reckoning Barleywine. Still holding up :-) We drank some with Bryan's chocolate creme brule. Wow! What a pairing. (I may have been a little impaired at the time though so don't go by me.)

Happy New Year!


Dave said...

The 1620 sounds great, Adam. Hoppy goodness . . .

--Dave, Muckney Brewing

Adam said...

Thanks Dave :-) I think it turned out well. East Kent Goldings will be going in instead of the Cascade next time I make it.