Wasted beer and new beginnings...

I got the call last week while I was at work.

Umm...we had a little accident. Somehow somebody moved the recycling bucket in the garage. In the process the thingy on your beer opened up and beer was all over the garage floor. I stopped it, but, I don't know how much is left.
GAAAA! Yeah, this was not good news. I checked it out when I got home. About a gallon or so of the the Old English Pumpkin Ale (OEPA) was gone. Not to mention a wonderful brewery smell permeated the garage. Oh well, it was my fault for leaving it out where things like that can happen. Won't do that anymore. You know this may have been one of the best beers I've brewed in a long time too :-(

No sense crying over spilt beer ;-) Good thing I got two more batches of English Style Ale going last Thursday using the yeast cake from the OEPA. These were based on the 1620 Just in Time Ale with home grown whole Cascade hops instead of East Kent Goldings pellets. This time I made one big high gravity seven gallon wort and split it between two carboys. Then I topped it off to approx. five gallons. Seemed to work out pretty well. One was a bit lower gravity than the other, but, who cares.

I think I'll dry hop one and leave the other. Who knows, maybe I'll try to "cask condition" some. Whatever that means to a homebrewer. Gravity pour from a cornie keg? Hmmm...any ideas out there in the beer blogoshpere?


Bryan Kolesar said...

You may want to check out one of Basic Brewing's more recent audio podcasts on the subject. James does his usual great job at interviewing and covering the subject in an amount and level of detail that is valuable to both the newbie and the more experienced homebrewer. (This was not a paid advertisement!)

Adam said...

Thanks Bryan!

Travis said...

In the face of tragedy we must persevere! Remember, spilled beer is a GREAT reason to brew again.

Bryan- James with BBR Rules. That's a great show.

Bryan Kolesar said...

Yes, he does. He played a big role in my preparation for my first homebrewing experience. His DVDs are exceptionally well done and great reference material.