A really real beer blog post!

Ok, so I promised to stay on my tangent about homebrew beer blogging. Now I will commence with the introspective stream of conscience. Hold on to your mouse!

What am I doing here in the brewing blogosphere?

Making homebrewing more accessible? Expressing myself? Virtually and sometimes physically meeting new people? Bringing together some good home brew bloggers? Attempting to justify my hobby by writing interesting little notes about it on the Web? Keeping track of some of my experiences in brewing so I can reflect on them? Trying to improve my brewing? Drinking beer?

Yep, that is what I'm doin' here? What are you doin' here in the beer blogosphere?



Nate said...

Initially I was interested in the technology - just wanted to see how a blog worked, how many people would read it, etc.

But then, as more and more people around here got interested in homebrewing, tastings, travel, etc. it morphed into what it is now: just a way to put out (limited) interesting information for those who want to know more about beer brewing and the fine establishments we have available in western PA.

I just wish I had more time to read everyone's blog, interact in the comments, and post more on my own!

Adam said...


I get the technology interest too. Tech + need to express = blogging. I've been in the IT industry for over 15 years.

Now the tech is more transparent. Partially because I have turned over enough stones looking for cool techy things to do. Partially because technology isn't as rewarding as writing and meeting people.

I guess easy blogging apps like blogger make it more accessible too. I mean I could have written my own in PHP or Ruby on Rails or something, but, there's no thrill in that any more.

Russ said...

Since you asked... I started my blog to be nothing more than an electronic brewer's log. My initial brewer's log was hardcopy, but I would always forget to update anything after the brew day. I decided it might be easier to keep up with things if it were online. Plus stuff won't get lost and I can access my records remotely. It's sort of evolved from there, and I like the idea of others being able to learn from my mistakes, but at the core it's still a brewer's log.

Adam said...

You have a point. It is easier to update from anywhere. Cool.

Hey if others get something out of it, well so be it.


Brian said...

Hey Adam!

I originally tried my first blog a few years back but it lacked any real "direction", it was somewhat a hodge podge of everything I'm interested in from Fly fishing, to tech, to aquarium design..and just didnt jive for me or anyone else really.

So now with my current/only blog I like focusing just on homebrewing and use it as a way to record my recipes and interract with others with similiar interestes via the blogosphere. I might down the road start recording our travels a bit more, but would make it focused on beer.

Man I like beer :)

Cheers, and happy holidays!

Adam said...


Good to see you've settled in....and on a topic that jives with us :-) Thanks for sharing!