Pumpkin English Old Ale: Tasting & Gravity

So what happens when you're racking a beer from the primary and you see a nice fresh yeast cake sitting there? If you're like me you think, "I could really take advantage of that fresh yeast." So I did. I threw together a high gravity pumpkin ale using the WLP002 English Ale Yeast I used for the 1620. How did it turn out? Here is my second set of tasting notes.

  • Very clear after about 12 days in the primary
  • Orange Amber
  • my nose still isn't quite up to par :-(
  • smells of musky (is that bad?) pumpkin & spice with grain
  • Real Pumpkin', spice with some slight alcohol notes
  • not sure if there is enough malt
  • A bit of a spice dry nutty finish, but, not off putting
  • like cracking a nut and eating it fresh from the shell
I was shooting for subtle and I think I found it. Nothing really stands out as a problem. I'll be interested to see what this is like after I keg, chill and carbonate it. The specific gravity is 1.018 at this point. The abv should be around 7.0%.


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