Law: Is homebrewing beer legal?

Well that depends on where you do it.

The current U.S. federal limit on homebrewing beer is 100 gal. (20 x 5 gal. batches) for a single adult, or 200 gal. (40 x 5 gal. batches) for a household with two or more adults. More info here at the American Homebrewer's Association (AHA)...


Beyond that the State governs homebrew as well. If you're interested in laws in your state that govern homebrewing, look no further. Again the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) has a great resouce where we can look up the laws for each state here...


The sites above should have all the legal info you need. If you are looking for books about home brewing...
Amazon: Home Brewing



Travis said...

My wife would divorce me if I were brewing 200 gallons of beer for fun.

Brian said...

Nice! You know I've never thought about it..but I just went through my blog (I think it accounts for all my batches this year..) and it turns out I have thrown down 12 5 gallon batches this year (..well I end up with like 4.25 after all is said and done)...but lets just say 12:5 gallon batches= 100 gallons!!!!

Thank god I'm married, 100 gallons to go!

Also-there should be a revision stating something to the effect of if you f up a beer so much that it gets dumped than it shouldnt count :)

Adam said...

Travis, I'm hoping that mine isn't counting ;-) Who am I kidding?

Brian, I like the way you think. Kinda like a home brewing Mulligan