Kegging & Cask Resources

The following is a list of links to kegging resources on the internet. I'll continually add to this list as I find more resources. If you know of others please post a comment here with a link. If you are interested to see what other resource pages I have created click on the "resource posts" label link at the bottom of this post or over there in the sidebar.

Check your local homebrew store for supplies. You can also find equipment on Amazon...

Amazon: Kegerator Equipment

Alternative Brewing's Kegging Page (Cornelius Kegs)

Brew Your Own's reader's question on cask conditioning your homebrew



ksbrainard said...

The September 2007 issue of BeerAdvocate magazine had a profile of Alex Hall in the "Advocate This" section. He is a British guy that spreads the love of cask all over the UK.

He has a website that provides a set of links (via the tap handles at the top of the page) to many pages about cask beer.

I am thinking about getting some casks for conditioning and serving my homebrews. (In a dreamlike state, ksbrainard imagines himself as the East Coast Vinnie Cilurzo)

Adam said...

Thanks. I'll check that out :-)

Brian said...

Good stuff!

Recently on a plane to Seattle I digested the most recent "Basic Brewing Radio" podcast having to do with Cask conditioned ales..and it got me thinking I should search more of these out...which I will be doing this weekend :)

By the way once back in Coeur D'Alene, ID my wife and I went back to our "old" favorite pub that way and found they did have a cask conditioned pale ale..unfortanetely it was served at regular ice cold tempetures.....sucks but well..the fact that in N.Idaho you can find a cask conditioned beer I think is a huge win :)


Adam said...

There is a site (digging around and googling...) ah here it is...


This link is specifically for Idaho.


Looks like Coeur D'Alene is about the only place in the North. Darn shame really. I guess you'll have to rectify that! Time to cask some home brew :-)

Adam said...

Heheh...that was funny...ksbrainard linked to that site above. I guess I didn't need to dig around as much for it....sheesh :-|


Brian said...

good stuff!

Well I guess I best start promoting real ales back in good ole Coeur d'alene!!!

Now that I'm back in Chicago however I'm extremely happy to be back in the thick of beer things!