Jeremy's Homebrew Batch 001

I've been preoccupied with some other things lately. Not much time for blogging I guess. What is a man to do?

Have a homebrew of course. Jeremy gave me a couple bottles when we visited the other day. I think this is a kit brew from Best Brew called a Dortmunder Style brew. When Jeremy first brewed it I thought. Not too bad for a first brew. I have to say that the bottle conditioning really helped this out. I'm enjoying the heck out of this one right now! Thanks Jeremy.

Anyway, how does it taste? Fruity esters in the nose. There's some hops in the nose too. Kinda grapefruity in a way. The taste is pretty much the same. Enough hops to be prominent and enough malt to balance out the hops. This isn't a sweet beer, but, definately full bodied. I could drink many of these.



Russ said...

Is that Dortmunder a lager or an ale? A Dortmunder is traditionally a lager, but that would be pretty ambitious for a first-time brew. Either way, congrats to Jeremy for a great first brew, and here's to many more.

Adam said...


Very true. Jeremy's is an Ale and you can taste the fruity esters of the Ale yeast. I couldn't really comment on how close to the style it is, because I've never had one.

Have you tasted one? Do they still serve it in Germany? Again...living vicariously through your travels :-)