Fresh yeast is not going to waste here...

I had to do it. I couldn't resist. I made a dark beer with the yeast from the 1620 Deux batch. Fuggles & Cascade for aroma and bittering. Roasted malt and chocolate malt for steeping. I think this will be the end of the road for the English Ale yeast. This is the fourth fermentation. Well, maybe just one more after this.

So what is it called? Who knows? Yule Porter?



Brian said...

Nice Adam!!

I really would like to push a batch of yeast as far as you have, the most I've done is 2 batches..but since I already have plans to reuse my English Bitter on a Stout..well no time like the present right?


Adam said...

You know I've been wondering how far I can push it. Unfortunately I'm out of extract right now, so I don't think I'll be able to rack onto the yeast cake this time.

I'll have to try and save it another way. Any suggestions?

"E" said...

We've used a 1056 ale yeast for 6 batches. As long as the beer tastes good keep using it. Try making a small starter or put some of the yeast slurry in a sterilized bottle and keep it in the fridge until your ready to brew, then step it up for your new batch.

Cheers & Happy New Year!

Brian said...

Agreed-Ted (from Ted brews) had shown me about a year ago how he sterilizes and stores yeast in mason jars in the fridge, I've been doing the same thing with great success.

I believe the general consensus however is that you need to use it within a few weeks for viability purposes..where oh where is my Ray Daniels book when a need it :)

Happy new year~!

Anonymous said...

Send some beer my way would ya =) Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Adam said...

I've used beer bottles with foil on them and even put a whole yeast cake into a growler before. I've revived beer that's been over a year old and it seemed to taste fine.

Not sure what to do here though. Thanks for the suggestions!

Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

The best way to do it is brew on the same day you keg or secondary. No need to store it. Just throw it right in. Like E said, we have gone 6 times and could have used it again. 1056 is very tough stuff.

Adam said...

Cock O' the Freaks,

:-) Good to hear. Well if I get my ingredients order in soon enough I'll have to do just that. I'm gettin' distracted by my first new car in 7 years!

Thanks for the info.