A clickabout, what's happening at my favorite homebrew blogs.

I really do enjoy the nooks of cyberspace I visit for homebrewing inspiration. Here's my take on them and what's happening at each:

Ted's Homebrew Journal
Something to look forward to in January. Ted and his brother are brewing some herbal beer. For healing or as an alternative to hops? Either way its the kinda things that homebrewers are in a unique position to experiment with. While we are waiting you can read a flyer posted today about the up and coming Half Acre Brewing's draught release party. Always interested to see the substantial posts coming from this blog.

Travis over at CNYbrew has been wrangling a big yeti clone and getting creamed by a voracious yeast/beast. All this after wrenching on a second beer fridge/kegerator. ;-)

Foureyed (Beer) Geek
Eli is back in the saddle after a long hiatus. He's been traveling across the state to Philly and enjoying his spoils from The Sly Fox. He's home brewing too! I'm not sure if the trip inspired him to brew or the brew inspired the trip, but, I'm happy to see him writing again. Today he's asking for some help pairing a beer with venison. Drop over and help him out if you can.

Grove's Beer Log
Grove, The Norwegian ;-), gives us some good quality posts every now and then about brewing
equipment, his brews and their recipes. I want this guy's setup!

Michigan Beer Buzz
Sarah, Kevin and Rob at Michigan Beer Buzz wax nostalgic about The Beer Store and ponder the hops shortage. They seem to be new to the blogging world and according the them their blog will be "the best blog ever". I wonder if they've seen Beer Bits 2!? New straight up regional beer blog in Michigan.

Nate's Beer & Brewing Blog
Nate seems to be splitting time being a homebrewer, club organizer, blogger and plain old evangelist for good beer in Western PA. Hey Nate thanks for turning me on to Voodoo. Just bought some for some friends as a gift.

Rooftop Brew
Scott and Andy over at Rooftop Brew have been at this blogging thing for five years! I really need to check out their tutorials, recipes and tools. I'm so used to reading the blog I overlooked them.

Chibebräu: the Chibes' online homebrew log
Russ and Leah run the blog over at Chibebräu. Russ is blogging about a trip to Germany. To be honest I haven't read all of his posts, but, I'm gonna. I think I'm afraid I'll wanna go to Germany. I'm so jealous!

The Daily Ikura
Brian over at The Daily Ikura posts every now and then about his all grain homebrewing adventures. Recipes, equipment and unabashed home brew stories documented for all the world to see.

Monday Night Brewing
Today they are the masters of gravity. What can I say? Week after week they have something to say about the long road to their dream of commercial brewing, the motley crew that surrounds them (ok, so I don't know if they really are motley) or interviews with breweries.


Brian said...


I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before but I really do appreciate your blog, not only in terms of your content being fun but I'm also seeing a good deal of other blogs that I would like to check out (I'm not as in tune with the blogosphere as I should be but rather just use mine as a diary..now I know just how much quality is out there!).

Anyhow, just got back from my hometown in N.Idaho and am ready to get brewing this weekend..it's lager season!!

Adam said...

Well thank you! Likewise :-)

Good luck with your next brew. I tried a lager once and well it was one of the two beers I infected in all my umpteen years of brewing. Gotta try that one again.

Travis said...


Quick update, I just had a Yeti and it's pretty good. There is a lot of oak flavor still, but it's defiantly a very drinkable beer. I will have to pick up a bottle of the Yeti to taste against it, but I am pleased.


Eli said...

Well, thanks for the nod.

Adam said...


You bet!

I wonder if I'll get some Odyssey today? It isn't looking good with kid activities tonight.

Eh...we'll see.

Not that this matters too much to you, but, I just read that The Sly Fox is going smoke free soon. I'm very happy about that.


Heheh...so you have tamed the Yeti eh! You know its cool to hear about people brewing, but, sometimes I wish we could pass a sample through the screen. :-(

Eli said...

It matters to me, I'll be out that way again in February!