Wrapping up the Homer beer image poll.

Is the Homer character good for the image of beer?

14 votes were cast as follows...
  • Yes, he shows macro beer for what it really is. 5 (35%)
  • Yes any attention is good attention. 3 (21%)
  • No he portrays an idiot. 3 (21%)
  • Yes, he makes us think about why we drink beer. 2 (14%)
  • Other - I left a comment 1 (7%)
  • No people don't think. They just watch, laugh and drink more Duff like beer. 0 (0%)

Out of the people who participated only three thought Homer was an idiot and is not good for the image of beer. I'll leave it at that for now. Please take time to read the comments posted. There are some very interesting points raised. (and I'm just not up for complete summary post right now)

I also learned of the Homer vs. The Eighteenth Amendment episode from Travis' :-) Cool. Thank you for participating everybody!



Bryon said...

In my opinion, Homer represents every man... No we're not all a bunch of crappy Dads who drink too much and get into trouble all the time.

But most of us are regular guys who work at a job that isn't the best, and come home to a house and a family with real problems, but we love them none the less. None of us are perfect, and sometimes you just have to laugh at life. If you don't it'll get the best of ya and you don't want that.

Now sure Homer chugs large amounts of crappy macro beer at the local dive bar with his loser friends. But it's with those guys, over those beers, that he gets a brief break from his day-to-day stress and relaxes. Beer is the ultimate social lubricant and many of life's issues, in my experience, are discussed and solved and over a beer with good friends in crappy joints offering sound advice.

Remember, Homer is a parody and an exaggeration of the every man who works hard, plays hard and loves his family, despite his own failings.


Travis said...

Totally unrelated, but I watched the Simpson's movie, and I have to say, it kind of sucked. I mean it was an hour long OK episode. It was no Beer Barron or the one where he is licking toads.

I feel like I am the only person willing to say it. It was just decent.

That being said, I would watch it many times over (as I have with EVERY Simpsons) and probably enjoy it.

**Yes, I wasted my college career in a dorm room watching Simpsons reruns on a loop with a bunch of phish heads.

Adam said...


You know I didn't think Homer was going to strike up that much conversation. I think that alone is a testament to how Homer represents an every man.


I agree. Kinda like an episode on steroids. I think the bigger screen real estate allowed them to visually do more. And well who can resist Spider Pig...

Does whatever a SPIDER PIG does
Can he swing
From a web
No he cant
He's a pig
He is a SPIDER PIG!!

Travis said...

True, and the fact that they carried that song throughout the whole movie in the background made me happy. It's not without it's high points, and I was really impressed with the visual stuff they were able to do. I guess all the hype had me a little high on my expectations.

The Dude said...


As a flawed beer drinking family man myself, I must say your comment really resonated with me. Well said.

Bryon said...


I couldn't agree more about your view of the movie. In my mind it was just a very long episode, and not one of the better episode, although it did have it's moments and they did a lot more with the budget and big screen real estate.

Spider-Pig was a highlight for sure...

The Dude, glad you liked my comment.