Mr. Dunderbaks in Tampa, FL

You have to understand. I'm not the kinda guy who enjoys Florida that much. Amusement parks are not my thing. The beach is just a place to get sand in places it shouldn't be. Alas, my wife and children love it and well I'll put aside my gripes for them. (and maybe I have exaggerated these gripes here a bit) After all there's nuthin' like seeing your wife and kids happy :-)

That doesn't mean I can't look for other bright spots of my own. For example Mr. Dunderbak's (BA Profile) is a stone's throw from Busch Gardens. So when we take the trip to see my in-laws and Busch Gardens I'll be able to suggest a place to eat dinner!

Dunderbaks (website) seems to be one of those places that just exudes beer fun. A bunch of German beer on tap, 25o bottled beers, German style cuisine and to top it all off the local home brew club, Tampa Bay BEERS, meets there. (see I even have a homebrew tie in ;-) What else could you ask for? Well the BAers out there seem to think the folks who run the place are swell too. I guess I'll find out soon enough.


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Adam said...

Ok...I was there last night! Holy crap! What a great place. Homebrewers, beer from around the world, a great Manager/Owner, good German food, etc....etc.

Believe the hype. I'll have more when I return.