Healing Beers

In his archive Ted talks about this book called Sacred Herbal and Healing Beers. Interesting, I didn't think anybody cared that much about this stuff. This is one of those things I would love to read about. Perhaps I'll pick this book up or get it as a gift (A little hint for my wife ;-)

Ted's Homebrew Journal: Healing Beers

To your health!


Ted Danyluk said...

Hey Adam,

Thanks for the shot out.

My brother and I are very interested in this idea...making beer that's good for us. We've been brainstorming for now, and when he settles into his new place, we will be brewing our healing beers at his home.

Barley beer is already a healthy beverage. But we are finding that there are many beneficial properties brought out through fermenting other things...like honey, potent herbs, Chinese herbs, fruits, vegetables, and more.

I highly recommend this book. Even though it does get into a lot of helpful information, I think there is a ton more to learn about and apply to the art of brewing.

Though, we're looking to make actual "healing beers," we also want them to taste good. I think I may be starting all over again when it comes to using herbs and fermentables in this way. But it should be well worth the effort...especially as hop selection goes down, and hop prices go up. With all this hype about the slipping hop market, I'd like to know what bittering herb substitutes will fair well in my taste of home brewed beer.

Adam said...

Well, I'll be thinking about this. I might even take a cue from you guys and try to brew something more healing. :-)