1620 Just in Time Ale: The Verdict

Well, the 4.75 gallon supply I brought with me is kicked! I'd call that a success :-) Wow, I can't believe it. I brewed and kegged a decent session beer, 3.6 % abv, in about nine days and people actually liked it! What was the key to doing this?
  • low original gravity (1.041) (not 1.014 thanks for pointing out my typo Ted ;-)
  • WLP002 English Ale Yeast (high flocculation helped the yeast fall out of suspension and make it more drinkable earlier
  • I kegged instead of bottled (no need for secondary fermentation in the bottle)
  • put it in the fridge for 48 hours
  • The starter may have helped, but, it really wasn't rockin' when I pitched it. Given the age of the yeast, 10 months, this is one place I could have shaved some time. If I really wanted to get it fermenting faster I would need some more viable yeast at the ready.
  • the recipe was simple, nothing too adventurous
  • people who will drink anything you give them ;-) just kidding...I hope!
Speaking of which, I wonder how that Old English Style Ale is doing? You might remember that I started that one by racking the wort onto the yeast cake of the 1620. It was chugging away within an hour! Can you believe that? Due to the large amount of fermentables and fresh yeast the fermentation was pretty intense and there was a lot of blow off. After the first day the fermentation slowed enough for me to remove the blow off tube and affixed an airlock. More about this later.



Anonymous said...

wow, thanks, i feel like i learned a lot about beer by reading your blog

Ted Danyluk said...

Congrats! It was fun reading about the progress of this beer. I'm glad it went well (...and went over well with your family).

Gee...I think I'll try making a beer with an OG of 1.014 too. But how the heck did you get 3.6% outta that?

Adam said...


I'm a little wary about that name. I mean "beer" is good. (nods head approvingly), but, "probe"...well lets just say I'm trying to block those images out of my mind. Kinda reminds me of South Park though...


Oops...thanks for pointing out my typo :-) Its 1.041 not 1.014.

It was fun in a last minute kinda way. I do my best work under pressure ;-) Have you ever tried to brew something quickly or for a deadline?

Next year I think I'll have to make two kegs. One for my Mom's side of the family and one for my Dad's.