What's goin' on in your brewing/beer world this weekend?

Not sure if my readership is big enough to get a good response to this, but, eh what the hell.

Very quickly tell me...er all our readers what your up to this weekend. Here's what I'm doin'.
  • Bottlin' Gavin's Strong IPA with the Blichmann beer gun
  • perhaps going to The Flying Pig for a few beers
  • waiting for my order of keg parts from Northern Brewer
  • putting the German Strong Ale in the empty keg with some home grown hops
  • enjoying the fall weather here in Eastern PA

What are you up to? Dreamin' of that next brew? Too busy for beer? (nah)



Bryan Kolesar said...

Gettin' ready for brew morning tomorrow. Am doing the Imperial Pale Ale out of Sam Calagione's book, Extreme Brewing.

Have made some alterations to my approach from my first homebrewing experience...Iodophor, not bleach...specialty grain bag...liquid yeast.

Maybe the Flying Pig for me tonight, too. Though, the tap list at TJ's looks mighty enticing :)

p.s. brown ale that I made back in August is slowly disappearing. Still about 25-30 bottles left. Seems to be improving slightly with time, though still not all that wonderful....but definitly passable for my first attempt, if I do day so!

kmudrick said...

In general: waiting not-so-patiently for my hoegaarden clone to finish fermenting. Racking to secondary on Sunday probably. Then 3 weeks there until I can bottle. (Recipe from http://ericsbeerpage.com/Beer/Recipe/hoegarden.html)

Tonight: kicking myself for not stopping at the homebrew store on my way home tonight, to pick up some hefe yeast to make a starter for my next batch (dfh sam's blood orange hefe.) Also, staring in disgust at my crappy first-homebrew, an IPA, which not even its brewer can love..

Adam said...

Bryan, good luck tomorrow. Let me know if you need anything.

Kevin, patience is important eh? Sorry to hear about the first home brew. Keep at it!

Hey I bottled Gavin's Strong IPA tonight. Tomorrow I'll get the Strong German Ale into the keg!

Adam said...

Thanks for the comments by the way :-) I definitely appreciate it.

kmudrick said...


What are your thoughts on adding spices to secondary? Is that safe to do (i.e. does it risk infection?)

I ended up racking my wit to secondary last night at 4am. I took a sample and it was pretty solid but I am wondering if maybe some more crushed coriander thrown into secondary would boost some of the flavor.

Jeremy said...

Waiting for my homebrew kegging setup to show up so I can move my Imperial IPA out of the secondary into a keg. Not sure what I will be brewing next.

Started a pseudo beer club at work... we are all going in on some Southern Tier Pumpking and Stone's Russian Imperial Stout.

Adam said...


Jeremy and I did a whit once. It turned out pretty good, but, it took several months for the coriander to lose its edge. It was way too in your face at first. We used 1/2 ounce of coriander seed that we ground in a coffee bean grinder.

Adding to the secondary is safer, because of the alcohol and hops that are already present. I've added dry hops, coriander, orange peel, etc. to the secondary with no problems. These were all from the store or my own hops from the back yard.

If this is the first time you have brewed with this recipe, be conservative. Let it ferment out. Bottle it. Give it some time (hard to do I know). If you taste a bottle in a couple months and say, "It could use some more coriander", well then brew another batch.

On the other hand, any beer that has a spicey or harsh taste will round out with time and become more palatable. And remember...

"Relax don't worry, have a home brew!" -Charlie Papazian


Adam said...


I want Pumking! Share with Bryan. He hasn't tasted it yet.

I want Stone RIS too...share with me ;-)

Adam said...

Thanks for all the comments. Much appreciated. Keep on brewin'!


Bryon said...

Sadly, I'm working all this weekend... But yesterday (Sat) my old unit invited me up their way for an after work late Oktoberfest gathering. A few of the guys I use to work with got some medals and then we all had Sam Oktoberfest off the keg, ate some broughtworst and pretzels and just caught up.

Mean while, my batch of English Pale Ale is still conditioning in the bottles in the basement...