Videos: Time-lapse Fermentation & Time-lapse Hops Growing

Over the last couple years I've created a few timelapse videos and put them up on Youtube for people to check out along with some other videos. Just click on one of the videos on the right to play.

My favorite is the hops time-lapse.



Travis said...

Those are pretty cool. i am a big fan of the time lapse.

Andy said...

For the hops - what's the time span?

Adam said...

Travis, yeah...I think I'm due to make another.

Andy, here is an excerpt from my original post at The Brew Lounge.

"This time lapse was taken with my Canon Powershot SD110 on a tripod. I used the remote capture sofware that comes with the camera, a usb cable connected to the camera and my laptop. There were over 480 jpg images taken once per minute over an eight hour period. I used the free software VirtualDub to splice all the images together into a small avi file and resize the pictures. Then I used another free application, VideoLan, to encode it as an .m4v file."