Quiet around here, isn't it? Bringing you up to date.

Thanks for stopping by. I've been kinda quiet here lately. I was looking back at the past three months and I've managed to post 1.3 times a day on average. Not bad. Hey anything to rationalize not posting for a couple days :-)

Right...back to catching you up...
  • Tom & Lori's party over the weekend - Yeah, I think the term I used to describe my experience there was "bewildering". As in, "There was a bewildering array of beer here tonight!" Wine, beer, mead, braggot, sour beer, hoppy beer, sweet beer, funky beer, beer with worm wood, bourbon barrel aged beer. etc. Oh and that was just the home brew ;-) Other interesting stuff was Russian River Damnation, Dogfish Head Chateau Jiahu, Jolly Pumpkin La Roja, Atlantic Brewing Company Brother Adam's braggot...well you get the point. Couple that with a wonderful bonfire and awesome people and you just can beat it. Thanks Tom & Lori. I hope I'll be invited back again next year.
  • Oh and maybe you saw Alan of A Good Beer Blog inciting people to heated and healthy discussion when he blogged about "Are Craft Beer Prices Too Low? No, They Are Not Too Low." 76 replies to his post and a followup post to boot.
  • A request to brew some holiday beer for a family party coming up. Ok..ok..my Mom asked me to brew my "famous Thanksgiving brew". Yeah...my mom ;-) Gotta get movin' on that.
  • The dry hopped strong ale doesn't suck as much as it did. I think I'm going to rack it into another keg and let it settle out now.
  • I have three new (new to me) soda kegs. That makes nine. This should be enough. I'll use three for secondaries, three for conditioning and three to serve from. We'll see.
  • Hunting season is coming up just after Thanksgiving and I'm sure I'll need to bring a brew or two with me to share with my Dad's family.
  • Oh yeah, and Bryan over at The Brew Lounge conquered the Marine Corps Marathon...again yesterday! :-) Congrats on a job well done! Bryan, does this mean you'll be having a party and breaking out all that crazy good beer you've been hiding?

Ok...that ought to bring us up to date. Perhaps more than you bargained for. More importantly I have ingredients so I should be able to get brewin' again soon.



Bryan Kolesar said...

Ja! I think I have some time to focus on that particular thing now :) Stay tuned...

Travis said...

Yea I brought some pumpkin ale to a shin dig this weekend. There was some Sam Adams there, but otherwise it was Bud and what not. Needless to say the pumpkin ale was a little different for most folks. With that said, everyone seemed to really like it! There were some people that I never would have guess praising it.

Always good to share the love of good beer!


Adam said...


That's cool. Happy to hear you had some takers. Something like a pumpkin ale is just the excuse people need to try something new. I think they use the novelty of it to rationalize trying it.

I think Tom and Lori's party was at least 50% beer geek. Not typical by any stretch.

The people at the Thanksgiving family party look for my beer now. My Mom tends to talk it up a bit. I always thought she should be in marketing ;-) Not everybody likes it, but, 3 or 4 gallons are consumed and I get to talk about it a lot!