Quick post about the home brew at the wedding :-)

The crowd favorite was the all barley Belgian style ale I have named The Mysterious One. I was a bit surprised by that one. The other two were a close second. Above you can see some marketing pieces I made up for fun. (Did I just say that?) Oh yeah, took a couple bottles of the barley wine too. Here are the names I gave them for fun; Rain River Ale, Dry Trail Ale, The Mysterious One Belgian Style Ale and Dead Reckoning Barley Wine

Hope everything is going well for you folks out there.



Brian said...

Good stuff! I'm looking at designing some beer materials myself and your post has certainly got me thinking more and more in that direction.

My favorite-"Dead Reckoning" but then again I'm a huge spaghetti western fan.

Adam said...

Heheh...thanks. Photoshop or The Gimp is a decent place to start.

This is at a fun level right now. I'm not really considering it from a marketing perspective. Maybe someday :-)

Travis said...

Yea my vote goes to "Dead Reckoning" as well.

Good stuff, I like the use of the woods.

Adam said...

:-) Thanks.