Making Beer Bits 2 more useful...

I've been cleaning up around here lately. In keeping with my goal to be a useful homebrewing site I thought it was about time I started organizing information around core topics.

Related Posts: Labels
I'm using a feature of Blogger called labels to organize my information for you. At the bottom of each post you will notice a list of label links. Click on one to find other posts with the same label.

Quick Access to Related Posts: Labels
In the right sidebar I have added a list of all the labels I have used here at Beer Bits 2. This should make it easy for you to find all the growing hops posts or all the kegging posts no matter what part of the site you are viewing.

Resource Posts: Quick Reference Posts
Labels are nice, but, sometimes a subject is just so core to this blog that it warrants some good old fashion manual TLC. Quick Reference posts will be more concise and easier to use than label searches.


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