Is Homer Simpson a home brewer?

I don't think so! Doh! Here's some info about Duff Beer. Homer's favorite!

I'll be dressing up as our favorite macro swilling Duff drinker for Halloween this year. I was considering carrying a bottle of Rochefort with this costume on. You know denouncing Duff Beer, but, I'd probably be the only one who got it. Well except for you.

(warning...loaded question) I wonder. Is Homer good for the image of beer? I'm gonna try this poll thing out. Look for it on the right and please vote.

NOTE: Updated! Looks like Homer may have had a hand in brewing. Found this tid bit Homer vs. The Eighteenth Amendment.

Happy Halloween :-)



Anonymous said...

I think Homer Simpson is a reflection of what society feels is a common beer drinker. Good comedy always shows a slightly distorted reflection of society. If we want to change Homer Simpson, we need to look at ourselves as a drinking public and change our attitudes about beer.

Adam said...

Wow! Very insightful. Thanks :-)

Bryan Kolesar said...

I disagree slightly. I think Homer Simpson is a study in his approach to life, not simply to beer. Perhaps I'm not thinking too deeply on the subject, but I don't take offense to him drinking Duff. If he likes it, then good on him. If he drinks it to get drunk, well then that certainly is another issue.

Bryan Kolesar said...

Oh, so by the way, I'm waiting for you to come by in costume so that I can give your Halloween treat (get your minds out of the gutter, folks!)

Adam said...


I'll be by. Just finished taking the kids around.

Travis said...

Homer was a homebrewer at one point...remember the Beer Barron?

BTW- there are several GREAT lines from that episode:

"Are you the Beer Barron?"
Flanders: "Nope, unless your talking about Root-beer, than I guildiddlyilty and chargdiddlyarged!"
"He's not the Beer Barron, but he sounds drunk, bookem boys!"

Homer: "I can't be out of beer, I'm the Beer Barron"

Homer: "here is to alcohol, the cause of and solution to all of life's problems"

Adam said...

Heheh...I love that last quote. Very famous...evidently...I don't know I missed that one over the years. (shrug) Time to rent/own it.

The Dude said...

Coincidentally, I just did a post that deals with this topic (in an offhand way) here. Homer is an every man kind of man. Is he good for the image of beer? Who cares! He drinks what he drinks, as should anyone. Elitist attitudes from beer drinkers are no more attractive than they are from politicians.

Adam said...

The Dude,

:-) Who cares!

Well I guess I can't say I completely agree. If I didn't care I wouldn't have posted, but, I agree in a way.

I think Homer is an everyman. I guess Bryan's comment about Homer being a study resonates with me.

In the end Homer is neither good nor bad for beer. He is just an invitation to look at ourselves in the mirror.

The Dude said...

I see what you're saying Adam. My "who cares" was tongue in cheek really. I care too, or I wouldn't blog about beer myself.

I just find that being a tasteful beer consumer is a fine balance between elitism and appeal to the masses. While I certainly don't love or even buy Budweiser (for instance), I must recognize that they are great at appealing to a huge cross-section of people. As to whether or not that is a good thing is the real question.

Some would say that the "mass appeal" encourages excessive drinking. Is that true? I don't that truth extends any further than the personal responsibility level of the consumer. It's a similar argument that the pro-gun folks make (very legitimately I might add).

Beer companies aren't responsible for making people drunk. A person's decision to drink excessively is where the responsibility lies. Similarly, gun manufacturers aren't responsible for shooting deaths. A personal decision to pull the trigger is where the responsibility starts in that situation.

Anyway, sorry to get off on that tangent, but personal responsibility is a very interesting topic to me. As a society, we largely seem to lack it.

It's way too easy to blame our problems on the big bad boogeyman, whether said boogeyman is a gun manufacturer or a huge brewing company. The real test (as has been said already) is to look in the mirror and determine whether or not WE have integrity, not whether or not someone else does.

Adam said...

The Dude,

:-) I appreciate your candor and agree with you.

Interesting coincidence. I'm at Busch Gardens right now. Did their beer tasting at the Brew Masters Club and got my complimentary glasses of beer.

I really gave everything a shot. I was very open minded about the whole thing. I'll write more later ;-)