Dry Hopping with Homegrown Cascade

There they are...the homegrown vacuum sealed Cascade hops. There they go...into the keg.

Two ounces of dry Cascade in the bottom of the keg. The 7.7% German Strong Ale tasted good without them. I hope it tastes good with them too :-)

I jacked up the CO2 pressure to about 30 lbs, disconnected and shook the heck out of it. Should help those hops separate instead of staying in a clump and dissolve some of the CO2 into solution as well.

What a beautiful day today. Cool like an autumn day should be. Stopped down at Bryan's to see how his second batch is going. Everything was under control. Can't wait to see how this IPA turns out. Thanks for the New Glarus Red. Very cherry malty tart and tangy delicious! (Was that a sentence?)

Hey, I tasted the two session beers again. They both turned out very nice. Into the fridge with them and into the fridge with the dry hopped German strong ale too. One week of clearing time before the wedding.

Next comes my order of draft beer parts so I can serve three kegs at the wedding. Should be here on Tuesday.


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