Dry & Late Hopping Resources

The following is a list of links to dry hopping and late hopping resources on the internet. I'll continually add to this list as I find more resources. If you know of others please post a comment here with a link. If you are interested to see what other resource pages I have created click on the "resource posts" label link at the bottom of this post or over there in the sidebar.

If you are looking for books about home brewing...
Amazon: Home Brewing

Dry Hopping
Brew Your Own - Dry Hopping Techniques

Main Street Homebrew Supply Co.

My first experience with dry hopping with hops that Bryan and I grew.

Late Hopping
Ted over at Ted's Homebrew Journal passed along this link about late hopping.

Aussie Homebrewer: filter out hops leaves before they get to the keg...



Ted Danyluk said...

I really like how you have a few resource pages. Now I know where to go to find info in those areas of interest. I might consider doing some of my own. It brings to resources together, and makes it easier find info.

I'm not sure if this article about "late-hopping" would apply to your list here. I've been brainstorming a beer ever since reading about it.

Late hopping is a technique used for producing significant flavor and aroma, while producing bittering from the same late hop additions. It should produce a smooth/lighter bittering without any "grassy" or rough dry hop characteristics.

Adam said...

Thanks. Its something that Bryan and I decided to do when I was with The Brew Lounge. We also found that collecting and organizing resources like that puts you higher in the Google search engine rankings.

Yeah...not sure if it would fit here, but, I certainly appreciate it and I'll find a good home for it.

Thanks for stopping by :-)