Dry Hopped Strong Ale

You know what? Time helps beer. This was that beer that tasted all weird right after the dry hopping. Well...when in doubt, wait! This beer will be good. It is getting better :-)

Mmmm! I shall call it Hop Juice.

What does it taste like? Here are the stats 7.7% abv. Dry hopped in the keg. Pressure carbonated. My nose is a bit closed up right now.
  • straw to orange color, amber
  • looks mostly clear with some particles in suspension (not cloudy)
  • sweet floral nose, hop candy
  • slightly oily mouthfeel
  • not bitter
  • on the sweet side
  • soft hoppy taste (hey...I can't think of anything else!)
  • still some vegetal tastes in there, but, 5% of what they were :-)
  • lingering bitterness
  • lingering mouth coated feeling
  • as I get deeper into the keg the beer is drier and cleaner


Travis said...

great advice! I have found that in most things in homebrew that is true.

Brian said...

Words to live by most certainly, glad to see this brew working out for you.

Hop Juice sounds about right :)


Adam said...

:-) Maybe that is why Mr. Papazian always says. "Relax, don't worry, have a homebrew."