Dry Hopped Strong Ale - Too Resinous/Sweet/Strange

Houston we have a problem. The Dry Hopped Strong Ale is just plain weird. It was fine to begin with and now the Cascade Hops that I put in the keg are really making it taste strange. I had something like a less bitter 90 minute IPA on my hands. Then came the 2 ounces of dry hops. Think sweet sticky clean motor oil. Now I love hops, but, this is almost gross :-(

I think the problem is that there isn't enough bittering hops in there to balance out the sweetness. I think I could save it by drying it out some with some high gravity yeast and perhaps adding some bitterness somehow. Maybe a bittering hops tea.

The other option is to mix it with another beer. I tried mixing it with the black messed up beer and I think it actually helped. Of course at that point my palate was shot so I could just be way off.



Anonymous said...

Hmm, I think the only solution is to seal the keg and send it to me for diagnosis. :D
...Although, the hop tea addition sounds interesting as well.
Good luck

Andy said...

I'd do a hop tea, but you must be careful not to upset the gravity by addding too much of the tea.

Adam said...

Thanks guys.

Brewdad...I don't think so ;-)

Andy...shouldn't be a problem. Its at about 7.5% abv so I have room to spare.

Not sure...I might blend it with something. Maybe brew up something really bitter and mix it with this. This is strange. I honestly didn't think I could have too much hops.

Can't wait to taste it again tonight though. It can't be that bad. Can it? Funny thing. My wife liked it before, now she just looks at me like, "What the hell?"