Draft Beer Equipment Arrived!

I'm serving my beer at a wedding this weekend. There isn't a way for the reception hall to dispense the beer so I'll be takin' care of that. I needed to order a few things and they arrived today. I'm not getting too fancy here. Just picnic taps for three or four beers will be fine. Here's the setup I'm using for 3 soda kegs of beer.
  • 5 lb CO2 tank
  • regulator
  • shut off valve
  • 6 inches gas line
  • 3 line gas manifold from Northern Brewer
  • 3 x 3' gas lines 5/16 I.D.
  • 3 soda keg gas side disconnects
  • 3 soda keg liquid side disconnects
  • 3 x 5 gallon soda kegs
  • 3 x 5' beer line 3/16 I.D.
  • 3 picnic taps
  • 8 small hose clamps
  • oh yeah...lotsa ice
That should do it. I have it all setup in my garage fridge right now. I think I'll set the kegs up in two large buckets of ice and put them under the table. Then I'll feed the lines to holders that are marked with the beer name and style. Yeah, that should do it :-)



Travis said...

My words of advice on this:

Since its a wedding and you are going to want your brew to flow, I would make sure that everything ready a day in advance and pour out a few glasses yourself.

If it flows without a problem, great! But if there are any issues with flow or foam, you can deal with them then. The reason you don't want to do that stuff even a few hours before is that sometimes the only answer is time.

Good luck!

Adam said...

:-) Agreed. I understand. Not sure if that is gonna happen or not though :-( We'll see.

The good news is that everything is ready to go now. I just have to tear down and setup again.

Thanks for the advice and the luck ;-)

Adam said...

Well it worked out. I ended up putting the kegs on ice over night and serving them from there the next day.

The bartenders didn't know to press down all the way on the plastic tap lever so at first they were pouring lots of foam, but, other than that it went well :-)