The Blichmann Beer Gun Works!

I borrowed this Blichmann Beer Gun from Del. It took me a few days to get things together, but, tonight it happened. I bottled 20 big bottles of Gavin's Strong IPA tonight with Jeremy and Jackie's help. This thing is cool.

This is not an advertisement. I just borrowed it and used it and it worked. No affiliation.



Travis said...

You should post some "how-to" photos and product review, I would be interested to see how this thing works.

Jeremy said...

Told ya... we should have taken pictures! We couldn't find Adam's camera at the time of bottling. Guess we gotta do it again!

Adam said...

Yah...I know. Hey, this one was getting to the point of not ever getting done. Sometimes you just have put the task ahead of the blog ;-)

Don't worry, I'll do a write up. It really is easy if you have all the stuff. Which is the key in this case.