Beer Bottling: Kegged Beer and the Blichmann Beer Gun

I just love to say it. "Blichmann Beer Gun!" A friend of mine, Del, loaned me this puppy so I could take my carbonated beer from a soda keg and put it into bottles. I guess I could have just tried to decarbonate ( is that a word ) the beer and then prime it and bottle it, but, this seems more fun :-) Here are some things that I have heard about this process from Del and Ted.

  • chill the beer
  • chill the bottles
  • pull the beer trigger decisively so that it goes all the way open (less foaming)
  • make sure you have a splitter for your C02 line to provide constant pressure to both the beer and the CO2 lead (as opposed to having to recharge the keg after so many bottles)

Those sound like good tips. I'll probably read the directions too. ( I know I know I'm not any fun. Hey this is beer we're talking about here.) I'll have a full report sometime next week.

The whole reason for doing this is so that I can free up a keg for the strong German ale that I'm going to dry hop in the keg and take to my Dad's wedding.


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