Beer Bits 2 mentioned @ Home Brew Beer - Bloggers of Note

Bryon over at Home Brew Beer posted a description of some "Bloggers of Note". I'm happy to say I made the list. Thanks Bryon. Much appreciated!

Bryon's style is candid and informative. He writes frequently about home brew, beer and some other interesting side-bars. I've been checking it out for a couple weeks on and off. Coincidently I recently moved his site to the top of the list of new link's I'm checkin' out.



Bryon said...


Thanks again for the linkage! Please keep in touch!

I wonder how my wife would feel about some hops growing in my back yard?

Later, have a great weekend!

Adam said...

You're welcome...same here ;-)

Surprisingly my wife likes them. Of course ours are over a nice looking arbor/gate thingy that Bryan, my neighbor bought.

The key is lotsa sun. You need that. Depending on the climate that may be the biggest thing. For less than $5.00 I bought a rhizome or two from Northern Brewer in early spring. For that price you could follow the directions for planting and worry about the rest later.