Back with only a few gallons of homebrew left :-)

The wedding was awesome! We all had a great time. The fall colors were amazing and the weather was favorable. As you may recall I took about three kegs worth of beer with me. I came back with about 3 or 4 gallons. One Belgian Style and two lighter session beers. One made with German Ale Yeast and the other with California Ale yeast. To prepare I printed some descriptions and small signs up and labeled each of the picnic taps.

I think I spent half the night talking about beer with people. This is a good thing. You may also be interested to hear that I saw Frank. He showed my Dad and I how to brew. Here is an excerpt from an early post of mine at The Brew Lounge.
I became involved in brewing when my Dad started making his own wine ... He
eventually suggested that I try it out, but, I'm not much of a wine drinker.

Then the conversation turned to making beer. His friend Frank had been
making wine and brewing beer for a long time. Eventually he offered to show us
how to make beer. I was so "into"
microbrews back in 1996 that I
jumped at the opportunity. I think my favorite beer back then was...um let's
see...this is a hard one ;-)...anything from Sam Adams...heheh...oh except the
cranberry lambic (shudder).

The first beer we made was an awesome Octoberfest that Frank just knew how
to brew from memory. No instructions at all! I'm still amazed at that. I split
the batch with my Dad and I think it was gone in a matter of weeks. I shared it
with my friends saying, "Hey we made some beer. Wanna try it?". When they said
it tasted really good I was hooked. So there you go...I decided to get my own
equipment and read everything under the sun about it.

Wouldn't you know it. Frank was at the wedding and he brought some of his Octoberfest with him. Wow! What a treat. In some ways I've come a long way since that first batch. I can now brew without instructions for one thing. In other ways I feel like there is so much more to know :-)

More in my next post.



Jeremy said...

Glad to hear things went well! What were the reactions to the beer? Favorites? etc?

Adam said...

I'll write about that soon :-)