You've heard of the Terminator right? What about The Beer Recipator?

Some people may think that I come up with all these unearthly brews by divine intervention or perhaps my years of skill as a homebrewer help guide me when designing these incredible brews. While those are very probable answers to the age old question, "How does Adam brew the best beer in the universe?" A much more likely answer would be something like. "I like to steal recipes from others." I know I know you're saying, "It can't be true!" Well ok lets say borrow recipes.

Hey just because I have a blog, doesn't mean I know what I'm doing ;-) all the time. When I'm confused or confounded or just plain lazy I like to check out what has worked for others. How do I do it? Do I talk to friends that brew? Nah. (What friends?) Do I belong to a homebrew club? Nope. Do I use The Beer Recipator? YES! YES!

Check out the recipe database. See what somebody else out there br3w3d.

(BTW br3w3d is l33t for brewed. Cause I'm l33t!)

I guess the Recipator could be an homage to bock beers and their traditional naming convention of ending in "ator", but, then I couldn't use my best Arnold voice. "Look out! Get down! I am the Recipator!"


Nate said...

Thanks for the link .. hadn't seen that one before. I haven't yet learned to create my own recipes, but I've had success so far 'borrowing' recipes from the clone book. I'm playing around with Beer Tools Pro, and that's helpful so far.

Adam said...

Happy to be of service :-)

I'm using Beer Smith right now and it helps a bit.

Bryan Kolesar said...

I see that Wendy's is pushing their Baconator...now that's just going too far ;-)

Adam said...

Ba dum bump...tssh!