Useful site: The Beer Recipator from Home Brewers Digest

I've used the recipe database here just to see what people are brewing. I've modified a couple recipes and had good results. My favorite success from here is my NRK, Not Really Kolsch. It is a wheat and barley ale fermented with German Ale yeast, tettnang & hallertau hops. Goes over very well at parties.

The Beer Recipator



Travis said...

You know, I was a spreadsheet man for the longest time. However, since I tried out BeerSmith there was no turning back. It's great. It has all the tools in one place and is formatted for an easy brewday reference. I recommend giving it a try. There is a 21 day trial and the lifetime license is only like $23.

Adam said...

Yeah, I did the spreadsheet thing for a while too. I'm using BeerSmith and it is more than adequate.

Honestly, I don't use half of it. It just helps me get organized and do a couple calculations. I do find myself growing into it.

Back on topic here. Recipator has some free tools too. Good way to learn more about what tools can be put to good use.