Two session beers brewed last night.

I'm expecting these beers to be very "light". Never made anything less than 4% abv. before. I'm a bit nervous. I do like the idea of having a full flavor table beer around. Not sure if I can actually make one though. We'll see.


Travis said...

It's strange how your taste evolves. Last night I was sitting around sipping my Old Ale and thinking "I could go something lighter" and so I went down and hit up the Saranac Krolsch I had.

It's not that I don't enjoy the big heavy beers, it's that sometimes they are a bit much and I want something lighter.

Having a beer like that on tap is also a great way to break people into homebrew. I had mu schlitz I made that served that purpoise.

Adam said...

The best thing about homebrewing is that you can change the recipe if you don't like the beer ;-)