The Session: Cinderbock & Michael Jackson

I wrote earlier this week...
This is a hold over from my days over at The Brew Lounge. I'm really trying to focus more on brewing and less on "off the shelf" beer, but I really enjoy stuff like this. Not to mention it gets people to come to my site ;-)

Anyway, Stan over at Appelation beer started this thing a long time ago. Every first Friday of the month a blogger/site hosts The Session. They pick a theme. Fellow sites/blogs typically have beer and blog about it. That's the drill. We're stuck with it until everybody in the beer blogosphere has had a turn. At the rate it is growing these days I'd say there's little chance of that ever happening ;-)

Check out Rick's intro over here...
Lyke 2 Drink: The Session #7: Lions and Tigers and Beers, Oh My!

My pick will be Cinderbock from now defunct Heavyweight Brewing. There's a smokin' goat on the label. I'm choosing this for a variety of reasons. I didn't want to buy any beer. It is the only beer I have left with an animal on it. I don't put labels on my homebrew so that was out. Heavyweight is interesting to people because it doesn't exist anymore. Any smokin' animal is fun to talk about. And oh yeah, I absolutely love tasting this beer.
In the spirit of Rick Lyke's dedication I think this will conclude my mourning of Michael Jackson's passing here on the blog. Still not sure why it hit me so hard. Here's to you M. J.! I wonder if you ever tasted this wonderful brew.

So Tom Baker brewed this beer and it is good. Cinderbock is amazing. I've never had a beer taste so good at room temperature. This might be the secret to this beer. Not that the smokin' goat on the front wasn't influential in the selection process. Hell, the goat is why I'm talking about this beer for this iteration of The Session.

Get some cheese. The kind you like. Then crack one of these babys open and enjoy at room temp. Not too sweet, but malty. Not too smokey, but delicious. Kinda like good smoked salmon. If you were dying of hunger this would be the meal you should enjoy in honor of your death.

Just one more thing to say. This beer kicks ass. There isn't much of it left out there. I only have one more bottle after this. (Heavyweight is defunct) Here's to you Tom Baker and Heavyweight Brewing! May your soul carry forth.

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