Ok, so I took two days off...here is where things stand.

Yesterday was Labor Day here in the States after all. Well where do things stand? I still haven't racked the two Belgian style ales into the kegs. Gotta do that tonight. Need to get a yeast starter going for Jeremy. I'll take the California Ale Yeast over tomorrow night. Jack will be joining us. This will be his first time. Nice to see somebody new checking things out. I really need to brew this week too. I'll have to get a yeast starter or two going for myself as well.

So there it is. Keg, yeast starters, brew with Jeremy & Jack and brew my own. Oh...and this is a short week.


TylerN said...

whats your process for making a starter?

Adam said...

I describe the process here.

You can substitute a vial or smack pack for the flask of yeast harvested from a previous batch of beer.

Jeremy said...

I spent tonight trying to determine what is wrong with the kitchen sink... project is half done and still requires a trip to the hardware store... should have things fixed tomorrow morning :- /

Adam said...

Now that could be a problem for tomorrow night! Egads!