Jeremy racked his brew to the secondary tonight

We cracked open a Weyerbacher and got to work. Actually there was a beer before that, but, there was something wrong with it. It tasted sour..for a porter. So we poured it out. What follows is a quick account of what happened. Add to this lots of BS and me trying not to be too overbearing and you pretty much have it. Thanks for inviting me over! :-)
  • cleaned the carboy with some one step
  • Jeremy grabbed the bucket fermenter with the beer in it
  • gathered the rest of the equipment (stopper, airlock, autosiphon, hydrometer, tubing)
  • sanitized all the equipment
  • put the bucket fermenter on the counter
  • took the top off
  • put the autosiphon in
  • put the other end of the tube in the carboy (secondary fermenter)
  • drew back the racking cane/plunger thingy
  • pushed it down and watched it gravity flow to the secondary
  • Jackie took a couple pictures
  • directed some of the beer into the little hydrometer flask thing so we could measure the specific gravity and taste it
  • we tasted the Weyerbacher some more
  • I told Jeremy lies about how secondary fermentation works (just checking to see if your reading)
  • tilted the bucket to the side a bit to let the siphon draw more beer out
  • stopped it just before it sucked too much of the yeast cake in
  • put the sanitized stopper and airlock on the secondary
  • finished the Weyerbacher
  • measured the specific gravity 1.022 (should drop a bit more)
  • tasted the new beer...mmm...yeasty as expected, but, spot on...gonna be a great strong pale ale, not too hoppy, not to malty, just right :-) Great job Jeremy!
  • cracked open one of Jeremy's Dortmunders and talked a bit
  • time has helped take the edge off this beer
Jeremy didn't send me the files so I could procrastinate putting them up this time ;-) Speaking of which I really need to get those up here.



Jeremy said...

Thanks for the help Adam! Things went pretty smoothly and I am happy that it seems to have turned out despite having the top blow off several times during fermintation.

Adam said...

You're welcome.

Yeah...those yeasties were not about to lose this one!

Can't wait to get it bottled and then taste it.