Home brew blogger's blues...

Out of the gates with a bang this week, but, quickly fizzled out after brewing Sunday. I have some things floating around in the back of my head though. Lets get this back on track.

I am excited about the two session beers. They're down there foaming away which is good to see, because the two starters were not very active when I pitched them. No matter, within twelve hours or so they were working. This is the fourth generation of yeast from this yeast! They say five generations is where you should stop. I'm not sure why.

How did I decide on session (low alcohol) beer. First I didn't have much malt extract around. Second, this is for a wedding reception and I didn't want to bring something too strong. These two beers, German style ale and California style ale will weigh in at 3% abv and 4% abv if all goes well.

What's next? Well I really need to get Gavin's beer bottled at some point. I have enough beer to fill all six of my kegs now. Two Belgian's, Two California's, one German and one screwed up black beer that I'm trying to fix. So if I get Gavin's out and into bottles, then I 'll have room for one more batch.

Which brings me back to the question, "What's next?" Ordering more malt of course :-) I've been toying around with the idea of buying on of those 33 lb jerry can's of malt extract. I know I'll use it and I have the fridge to keep it in between brewing.

I'm also thinking that this might be the time to build a kegerator/freezerator. I know somebody who has an upright that would be perfect ;-)


Andy said...

I think they recommend getting rid of yeast after 5 batches because of mutants. With each batch, you're getting more and more mutated yeast and other microbes (no matter how sanitary you are). Breweries go to a lot of trouble to keep their cultures clean and free of rebels.

Adam said...

Agreed, I've read about such things.

I wonder how long I could keep doing it? I wonder what it would degrade to? I should try it. The only downside is a whole lost batch of brew.

Maybe it is time to try some small batch brewing.

Jonathan said...


Adam said...

(in my best Butthead voice)

Heheh...heheh...that's cool. He said, "yeasties".

(in my best Beavis voice)

Yeah! Is that a new breakfast cereal? Like Wheaties?

"Yeasties, the breakfast of champions! Cool! Heheh...heheh..."