Equinox brewing shaping up...

Bryan said he is up for picking hops this weekend. Perhaps Saturday? The schedule is clear enough on Sunday for brewing later in the day. Looks like I just need to get to a local homebrew store and pickup some ingredients. Oh, and there's the small matter of coming up with a recipe. Details..details...

I definately want to use the cascade hops we grew this year. I think I'll either add them to the secondary or the keg. Gotta add a hops screen to my Northern Brewer order. Lots to do. Lots to do...
  • recipe for equinox brew
  • buy ingredients
  • rack two session beers to secondary kegs
  • add hop screen to Northern Brewer order
  • clean bottles
  • bottling Gavin's beer
  • pick hops Saturday?
  • brew on Sunday
(the best laid plans...)


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