Equinox brewing and racking onto the yeast cake

Sunday, the Autumnal Equinox brewing is kinda coming together. Well, I crossed a couple things off the list. And I uh kinda added another. Sheesh! Anyway, one way to reuse yeast is to rack your cooled wort right onto a yeast cake from another batch. I've always wanted to do this. No better time than the present!

To Do

  • recipe for equinox brew (just need to pick the hops, this is going to be made with light malt extract and german ale yeast, I'll probably choose hallertau and maybe dry/green hop with cascade...dunno)
  • rack one session beer to secondary keg before Sunday (get it out of the way)
  • save racking one of the session beers to secondary keg on Sunday (so I can use the yeast cake - German Ale yeast)
  • rack Equinox Brew onto the yeast cake of one of the session brews
  • clean bottles (iodophor & water)
  • bottle Gavin's beer
  • pick hops Saturday - Bryan seems up for it
  • brew on Sunday late afternoon or evening
  • buy ingredients at Keystone Homebrew Supply
  • add hop screen to Northern Brewer order

I better get crackin' on those bottles and racking one of those session beers into the secondary.


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