Chest Freezer Kegerator: Two Types - Collar & Tower

There are two types.
  • Tower - Usually placed on the lid of the chest freezer and typically requires holes to be drilled in the lid.
  • Collar - A collar is built of wood or other material. This collar is put between the lid and the chest. The collar is then modified as necessary to accept taps, CO2 lines, etc.

So far I like the idea of the collar. By modifying the collar instead of the chest freezer you can maintain the integrity of the entire chest freezer and use it as such or sell it later. You also get some additional clearance from the collar.

On the other hand the towers tend to look more like a typical kegerator/tap system. Especially when using the smaller chests.


Travis said...

Price should be taken into consideration here. Towers with 4 or 5 taps are going to be $600+, that can make your budget for something like this go through the roof.

If you keep your eye out on eBay sometimes you can luck out (I got a 3 tapper for $14!) and pick up a fixer-upper, but if you are looking at all new stuff, that's a spicy meatball.

Adam said...

I'm gonna take a look at price soon. I'm in the dreaming stage now :-)

I can hear it now...

"What kinda beer do you have?"

"I have 5 different homebrews on tap. What kinda beer do you like?"