Brewing with Jeremy!

Quick update for now. I'll have pictures later. Brewing with Jeremy last night went well. He's making an amped up IPA with Chinook hops and lotsa malt.

We also tasted a few beers along the way. Thanks Jeremy.



Jeremy said...

Fermenting is going well so far... except that it is building up quite a bit of pressure... the top popped off tonight which was suprisingly pretty loud. Now I am worried that it is going to pop off while I am at work or while we go away this weekend and get contaminated :- / I will see if my neighbors can stop over periodically to babysit the beer ;-)

Last night we drank Boulder Brewing Co.'s Hazed and Infused, Dogfish Head's Imort Ale, Sierra Nevada's Pamegranite Wheat.

Adam said...

What you need is a blow off tube :-)

The top of the bucket or just the airlock?

I really have to get those pictures up.

Jeremy said...

The top of the bucket keeps popping off from the pressure. It did it again last night around midnight... I heard it, went down and took off the airlock and cleaned it out with One Step then replaced it (thinking it was getting clogged). Then went down this morning and the top was blown off and lots of foam was coming out. I think it could have had the top off for hours. Think it's contaminated?

Adam said...

Does it smell funny?

There's a good chance that everything is fine. I wouldn't worry too much. You'll just have to wait and see.

This is why I started using carboys and blow off tubes.

Jeremy said...

Where are the pictures?!?!?

JK, I am gonna need to rack it off before I leave for europe... wanna help? I still need to borrow a stopper/airlock for my carboy. Maybe Tuesday night?

Adam said...

Heheh...yeah..the pictures. Well uh...my dog ate them. Sorry it was a busy weekend. I'll get them up there :-)

I do have a stopper you can have.