Autumnal Equiinox Brew - September 23, 2007

I'll probably add more to the story, but, here's the list of what was done yesterday. Hops are still drying in the basement. What a busy weekend :-)
  • cleaned two soda kegs to use a secondary fermenters
  • reconditioned one of the kegs in the process
  • racked session beer #1 to secondary - German Ale yeast (3.8% abv?)
  • tasted pretty good - needs secondary fermentation and some time to clear - I'm expecting that once this clears there will be a considerable improvement in drinkability - it is just too green right now to judge
  • racked session beer #2 to secondary - California Ale yeast (3.6% abv?)
  • tasted great - easier to brew with Cascade and Cali Ale yeast, the flavors are so bold and in your face, should improve even more with the secondary fermentation
  • decided on the recipe Strong Ale with Germain Ale yeast to be dry hopped with home grown Cascade hops, I'm using some steeping grains for the first time in many months
  • brewed the beer
  • racked onto the German Ale yeast cake from above

Funny it doesn't seem like much when written down like that. I checked the strong ale this morning and it was bubbling away. Hey, I didn't forget to use a blow off tube this time so, no mess!

It sure does help to have kegs to use as secondaries. All six are occupied now by the way :-)

If all goes well, I plan to keep some of this beer around for the Vernal and Autumnal Equinox next year.

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