3 Starters, 2 Kegs, Rack to Secondary, Save Yeast

Well I did it. I can't say it was easy. Between dinner, a short bike ride, putting the kids to bed and paperwork for the school I fit it all in. I'll try to put up a post with the pictures of some of the action later this week.
  • reconditioned the kegs first, new o-rings and a good washing
  • one California Ale yeast starter for Jeremy
  • one for me too
  • another German Ale yeast starter for me
  • racked/siphoned the two batches of Belgian style ale to the keg for secondary fermentation
  • saved the Belgian Ale yeast from the primaries for later
  • oh yeah, clean up
Whew, that was rough. Oh yeah the flask cracked so I threw it away. I thought that might happen. Ahhh well, at least nobody got hurt. I think I'll just use a pot from now on ;-)

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Travis said...

Good stuff. I have those days too. sometimes they are my most productive...other times I wind up screwing things up and staying up until 1am trying to finish.

It's a labor of love though.