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Nate is holding down the fort in Central/Western PA. Check out his site for some beer cloning action!

Nate's Beer and Brewing Blog

Hey Nate, did you see that Chad Hurley of YouTube fame was featured in the IUP alumni mag? Pretty cool. He was a freshman when I graduated.


Nate said...

Thanks for the PR! We're getting more and more people interested here, which is always good. I was a bit apprehensive about doing fruit in beer but so far it's looking OK in secondary.

Chad Hurley was here earlier this year to visit after not coming to last Fall's Distinguished Alumni ceremony at homecoming.

Speaking of, you'll have to let us know if you come for Homecoming ... homebrew swap!

Adam said...

Your welcome.

You know I've never been to Homecoming. I might have to put it on the schedule next time around.

As for the swap. I guess that means I have to get some in bottles. Right now I'm sticking with kegs. I have 6 corny kegs left to fill.

One of them has the 'eff'd beer (molasses, espresso, dark barley malt, more dark barley malt) in it. That might be interesting after I dry it out with Champagne yeast...if that is possible. Well see.