Homebrewing Schedule & YouTube video...

Ok, I've decided.
  • Tonight, I'll fix up the Stoutenporter with some high gravity yeast. It is warming up as we speak. Had to take it out of the fridge.
  • Then I'll brew an English style Pale Ale either tonight or Friday night.
  • On Sunday I'll attempt to fit in a Strong Ale.
  • Jeremy needs to get his butt moving too and I'm gonna help with that. We just haven't nailed down a good time for it.
Last night I saw a few interesting videos on YouTube about how to brew beer. Funny how everybody has their own little take on it. Fundamentally it is the same process, but, it can be as simple or complex as you want to make it. I guess it is like cooking in that respect.

I'll try to post some of these videos here a little later. Just search YouTube for home brewing stuff and you'll see them. The one I was watching was from a guy in Canada.


Anonymous said...

You are such the bad influence. I offered to help Jeremy brew & he said he wants to take pictures while we do it. Ok that's fine. But now he also wants a tripod and to set up the video camera too.

Bryan Kolesar said...

FNGeeks fer shure ;-)

Adam said...

Heheh...right. I never said anything about taking pictures or video.

Now that you mention it though it sounds interesting. Who is the bad influence? ;-)