Equipment: A New Pot...er brew kettle

I needed a pot big enough to brew a few gallons of wort without worrying about boil over. I think this is the same pot Bryan recently purchased. Not bad for the price.

24 quart stock pot (link to BJs wholesale website)

Probably not big enough to boil the whole wort considering the amount of water that boils off. I hear a typical boil off rate is about 1/2 gal every 20 minutes. That would mean I need at least a 7 gallon kettle. Too expensive right now. Not happening. Here are the reasons this is better than what I had before.

  • bigger by about two gallons
  • thicker bottom (not sure if there is aluminum core or not)
  • wider rather than taller so it fits on my stove - I hope, I haven't tried it yet :-(


Nate said...

Next step, converting a Sanke keg and doing all grain!

Adam said...

Believe me I've thought about it. Someday. Someday.

For now I'll just live vicariously through you!