Brewing Beer: Belgian Ales Brew Day

Jeremy is coming over tonight to assist me in brewing. I get to try out the new pot/kettle :-) I was thinking I could brew both batches at once, but, I keep forgetting that cooling these puppies down requires a wort chiller. Can't use the wort chiller in two brews at the same time. I'll have to stagger them or do them one after the other. I think it will go something like this. These are partial boil extract brews.
  • batch1: boil water (5 gallons?) for topping off both batches and set aside, this is to sterilize
  • batch1: boil 4 to 5 gallons of water for batch 1 wort
  • batch1: add malt
  • batch1: bring wort to boil
  • batch1: 60 min count down begins
  • batch2: boil 4 to 5 gallons of water for batch 2 wort
  • batch1: add hops....etc.
  • batch1: 15 min left add wort chiller (to sanitize)
  • etc.

I'll update this as I get time...


Nate said...

If staggering is too much .. can't you just put one in the sink with cold water & ice? I do that with my 2.5 gallon extract batches and it works really well (actually, I don't even use ice).

Chilling takes (20? minutes), if it's already been boiled, I'd think there would be minimal contamination transferring the wort chiller to the second batch (sitting in the sink?) after the first is chilled.

Adam said...

I hear ya. The problem I have with the wort chiller and sitting it in the sink is that my tap water isn't that cold at this time of year. If I were "up home" in Ebensburg that wouldn't be a problem, but, here uugh.

I didn't want to stop and get ice, but, it is always an option.

Actually, if I stagger them, I can cool them one right after the next. Your right, I don't need to reboil the chiller. Cool. And I'll get some ice just to be safe :-)

Funny, I never seem to feel all that "set" before a brewing session. Heheh...I always have fun though :-)